This collection is a celebration of what happens when girls are placed at the center of their stories and empowered to dream, thrive, and create— a mission that Girls Inc. emphasizes and one that Hearts On Fire wholeheartedly supports.

A percentage of proceeds from sales of this collection will be donated back to Girls Inc. 

Behind The Collection

Hear from the HOF team and the student designers themselves on how they brought the HOF & Girls Inc. Collection to life
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A culmination of the girls' individual visions, the HOF & Girls Inc. Collection features elements never-before-seen in our jewelry. For the first time, we've added gorgeous, ethically sourced rubies to the designs, a tribute to Girls Inc. in their signature bold red hue. Each design features a twisting spiral radiating outward from a center diamond, a visual representation of how a girl's life flourishes and expands when she is surrounded by support and love.



Girls Inc. students Jojo, Dakota, Christania, and Emily were integral to every step of the design process of this collection, working with the Hearts On Fire team on everything from brainstorming to creating moodboards to finalizing the designs using computer animated design (CAD) and 3D printing the molds.


An avid lover of Dominican food and softball, Jojo was inspired by the elegance of wedding gowns, and covered her moodboard in white lace, an element that helped the HOF team envision the final designs. She's also a lover of words, and included beautiful descriptions with her inspirations.


Mac and cheese, basketball, and softball are among Dakota's favorite things. She decked her moodboard with fierce women and floral inspirations, and her eye for design was key in helping our team merchandise these designs in stores.


Math is Christania's favorite subject, and she constructed her entire moodboard in 3D. Her double-sided elements inspired the HOF team to design the jewelry with diamonds on one side and rubies on the other.


Emely loves to explore and adventure, and this came through on her moodboard. She featured bold colors, fun beads, and even some ruby-red jewelry designs. She made a collage using all kinds of cut-outs, and her creativity was essential in the CAD and 3D printing stage of the process.


Girls Inc. inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold, focusing on the development of the whole girl through education, mentoring relationships, and advocacy. For every $1 raised by Girls Inc., 87 cents goes directly to supporting girls' development.